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You can easily find it near you through our store search. You can search with us for location or with your financial circumstances. For me, I am looking for a 2000 EUR loan. A fast and at the same time low-interest loan can be found by a favorable credit comparison. A comparison of creditworthiness, which essentially covers the entire range of services.

First, compare the expected matching loans at a glance. Theoretically, these application paths allow you to claim, decide, and withdraw installment loans within 24 hours.

Loan applications can be implemented quickly and reliably

Loan applications can be implemented quickly and reliably

Nevertheless, a quick overall view is not everything when loan applications can be implemented quickly and reliably. Of course, it is also necessary to contact the relevant lender directly. Any waiver of credit on the Sheufa from the deposit request made worse exacerbates the rating. This is not only annoying, but also causes approval problems with other donors.

But a clever, professionally developed credit calculator that gives a good answer. For this reason, no negative bookings are made by the Smava comparison since the credit advice application is initially not always binding. The solution is provided by a non-binding credit check with the company Smart. It does not make the rating worse, but still provides all the important information. In response to your “non-binding” loan application, Wisephone will review all major credit options in advance.

You will receive an instant commitment suggesting the best service. They then make a binding application for the loan, which should not cause any difficulties with the authorization. Which brings me to your request via Credlist. The Credlist is a service offered by Selari Bank in cooperation with Sova. When lending, the whole process runs exclusively in digital form “without system breakage”.

The loan in the example is also very low interest. A “regular” loan is granted. The lending procedures independently select the high credit risks. Nevertheless, the pure digital method allows the granting of loans at top speed. The end result is an ideal offer for people like you. 2,000 EUR loan for your first own holiday home, which you will hardly get cheaper or faster.

To what extent are the securities provided?

To what extent are the securities provided?

To what extent are the securities provided? The loan is secured to the extent of the candidate’s options according to standard banking standards. It was decided with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology that the real estate subsidized under the Investment Program for Health Care (IVP) will generally be faced with existing security (for federal and state subsidies up to the sum of the subsidized funding components).

There is no legal entitlement to a bond program under this program. 

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