Payday loan or revolving credit?

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When you want to invest, you need money. The greater the investment, the smaller the chance that you have the money in your account. So you have to borrow. The question that will then irrevocably arise is whether you are better off with a payday loan or with a revolving credit. There are advantages and disadvantages for both forms. This also means that the best option may differ per situation. To provide a little more clarity on this, it is good to pay attention to a number of points.

Opt for a payday loan

Opt for a personal loan

You choose a payday loan when everything is already clear. You know how much money you need and when you need it. This is the case, for example, when you want to buy a new car. Or when a baby is coming and you have to renovate the nursery. Or any other renovation that you want to do. Because you know exactly what you need, you can also make a very concrete agreement with the lender. This way you know the amount of your amount, the amount of your monthly repayment and the length of the term.

Opt for revolving credit

You choose the revolving credit when there are many uncertainties. You therefore do not open a revolving credit specifically for a specific purpose. Rather, it is a useful tool for financing unexpected situations. Consider, for example, damage to household appliances or your car. You naturally want to have it repaired or replaced immediately. In such a case, a revolving credit can offer a solution. After all, it makes sense that your budget does not immediately allow for such a large investment. Yet you cannot leave it either. A revolving credit is then the way out.

Flexibility versus security

Flexibility versus security

Ultimately, the differences between a payday loan and a revolving credit can be reduced to a difference between security and flexibility. With a payday loan everything is clear and you have a lot of security. A revolving credit can vary from moment to moment, but is therefore also more flexible. For example, you can use it multiple times and you do not have to withdraw the entire amount time after time. This can of course offer many benefits in different situations. Therefore, consider carefully what you want to use the money for. This can make the choice easier.


When you have made your choice for the loan form, then it is also important to determine who exactly you are going to borrow from. You can get help with this by using comparison sites or experiences of others. Certainly when you want to borrow a larger amount, it is wise to first have a look around what the various providers can do for you. This concerns, for example, the level of interest, but also preconditions such as the possibility of being able to repay faster without penalty.

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